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Saving the World, One Click at a Time
Written by Julie Metni, September 3, 2008

It is quite the mind-boggler that my ability to pass my university course depends [not quite, but almost] solely on what I type out here, in lonely cyberspace for the rest of the world to see. Not that the entire world has the privileges and resources to access this online journal, however. It is amazing, and quite simply torture to me that while I lie on my bed writing a rough draft of my first post, a million children half a world away sleep with empty bellies and pathetic shelter or safety – or lack thereof.

I may have a tendency to get off-topic – I’ll admit it – but am I really?

For instance, how do you think that any average Joe’s or Jane’s like myself or even you (if you are one) could possibly have the slightest clue as to what is going on miles away if it weren’t for the hunk of plastic and gigabytes sitting in front of you? The only way in which anyone could possibly be informed of worldwide affairs is due to pieces of information sent through technology that we call mediums. The mediums we have come to know and love (such as television, internet, magazines, newspapers, etc.) not only try to make us believe that we are fully informed, but also stir dependence, dissatisfaction and manipulation into the receivers. If you really choose to think about it, so much time, effort, energy and megalomania go into instilling the audience with petty wants and desires; those pathetic, gullible suckers. Suckers like myself, who, out of guilt and in a desperate attempt to create justice, sponsor a child like those who are seen on the television screen; sick and hungry. Those numerous corporate giants are reaping the benefits of the receiver’s guilt and dependence on technology as they bathe in their cash, while those poor, helpless children are diminishing one by one (even if a sponsor comes up here or there). Who knows how much good they could have created in the world, had they the potential and resources?

The mass media can’t tell us everything we want to hear after all, can they.

I suppose you can therefore say that my place or role in the public’s ever-changing, ever-hardening eye is to give back to the community, or to restore a bit of fair-play to those less fortunate. I feel that it is my purpose, as cheesy as it may sound.

With a simple, savvy click of a button did this experience begin, and with another click shall it end – for now. Just not yet…I have one more thing to say.

In the process of creating this personal academic agenda did I discover [so typically] that there is (like most of the popular websites or major companies/corporations) a fee or membership involved. You see, it did not surprise me that if I was to be able to access the full features which were provided by this server, I would have to use my hard-earned money to do so. This is just another way in which the economy and large companies strive to excel their profits. Can we expect any less from them?

I believe the answer is no, we cannot. But for now, to hell with it. Count your blessings, be grateful that you are alive, and do not forget to go for your annual check-up like recommended. Most importantly, don’t forget to open your mind, and speak up!




  Lana wrote @

“…what I type out here in lonely cyberspace for the rest of the world to see” – what a thought provoking sentence. There are so many nuances of meaning in the suggestion that something is both lonely and in view of the rest of the world. And yet, as you point out, “the rest of the world” is a misnomer. It sounds like you are already thinking about the complex relationships that we have with the media, and the influence that media can have on society and individuals. That kind of awareness should help you as you continue to think critically about media, and about your own role in the public sphere. I’m glad to see that your awareness has also spread to the service you are blogging with – very observant of you to notice the premium features that come with a price.

  Laura wrote @

I really enjoyed reading your blog. You write in a very thought provoking and entrhalling way. A lot of the things you said were things I had never quite considered, but you gave me a lot to think about.

I particularly liked this sentance

“For instance, how do you think that any average Joe’s or Jane’s like myself or even you (if you are one) could possibly have the slightest clue as to what is going on miles away if it weren’t for the hunk of plastic and gigabytes sitting in front of you?”

It made me think…wow…that was really well put…but also really true.

Keep up the good work!

  Marie Christine wrote @

Hey thanks for the comment on my first blog..
yeah GH is so much different from York.. I’m used to running around from buliding to buliding for my classes but the program at GH is way better :).. keep up the good work on the blogs 🙂

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