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Speaking of “Massive”…
Written by Julie Metni, September 21, 2008 

This is a video that may or may not demonstrate the power media [how massive the industry is] and particularly music has over our lives.

The video I put here was changed a couple of times before I could make a decision as to which video best visualizes to you the points I would like to make. I hope it works.

After the first thirty to sixty seconds of the clip, I’m sure you can tell that the little man is searching for something. We do not have any idea of who he is. All we can do is watch him being turned away by the possibilities which he is hoping and searching to engage in. This represents anyone’s rises and falls in life; the obstacles or doubts we all encounter when reaching for something set us back… But as the little man in the video (let’s call him Conor) knows, the most practical and revealing thing that we should do in times of trouble is keep moving on. Just keep searching.

Eventually our new-found friend Conor encounters a book. Not much is known about this book, except that the pictures inside are colorless. Might this represent the way in which we all follow the same patterns and trends, eventually leading to our lack of originality or discoloration? Have we all been impacted by the media so much that we can no longer differentiate between truth and lies, or real or fake? Have we been so molded by technologies and public criticism that we no longer feel the blandness in our every word?

As he is exploring the book, we observe that Conor makes friends, who choose to follow his influence. Do you notice the trend in which Conor picks up these friends? They are the outcasts of society, the different shapes or photos who do not fit into the picture; who do not blend with the theme. I will be honest, only after he found these friends did I rewind and play it again. I was astonished at the beauty and simpliciy of this. They are free thinkers, we can imagine – ignored by common society in their fruitless attempts to fit in somewhere or to find a main purpose or theme for their existance. How long did it take you to notice? Were you confused at first? Why are these particular photographs behaving so differently within the book?

Do we not ask ourselves the same thing about people… every day?

As the rest of the video plays out, eventually the characters find themselves in a place, we can gather, of internal peace and find an end to their longing. They are all different from the public, and from each other… But here in the unity they created out of recognition for their differences or quirks, they come to an understanding of how the world works in correlation to nature and living beings. They understand the simple, tragic idea that while everyone else seems to fit in nice and cozy, they must work hard to find their place in the world… However this search is what makes searching in the first place so rewarding: that in the end, the answer is so much more meaningful.

To conclude, Conor and his friends are guided back to their common place of familiarity. They emerge from the book fully real and live; they are introduced back to reality. My perspective tells me that the familiar places where they are brought back to, the places from which they came and can easily fit into without discrimination, is the media and mass communication of brainwash calling us home. It says, “Come on, just keep it simple, be like us.” The sad thing is, we all buy into it too.

Is this a proper representation of how massive the music industry is? If you think about it, people all over the word give in to being paralyzed by the rhythms and lyrics of billions of songs. Even if you have never played a single record before, creating music or any other form of communication or influence for the rest of the world is in you; it just happens. We are a species governed and obeying to an industry that not only rakes in the dough, but keeps it, and decides how we will live our lives despite our blinded narcosis. We like to think we are free of influence or that we solely create for ourselves… But it’s 1984(1) all over again; the massive controls the masses… And it will never be any other way.

Please let me know if you have a different take or opinion about the video or my thoughts in general, or even if you agree with me. Thanks for reading.



(1) Orwell, George. Nineteen Eighty-Four. (1929). Secker and Warburg.


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