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The Self-Controlling Advertisement
Written by Julie Metni, October 3, 2008 

     I do not know how to start off this post, to be honest. Just watch the advertisement below.

     What did you take from this? 

     If you have read George Orwell’s 1984(1) before, you get the general idea. I am not going to waste twenty-five minutes of my time or yours reiterating Orwell’s renown text. All I will say is this: control your thoughts.

     This may sound either ironic or creepy, depending on how you see it. Obviously the people are being brainwashed and have little to no ability in controlling their own thoughts or actions. So clearly, me telling you to control your thoughts is creepy. But there is a twist.

     In order to release your mind and decisions from those who are trying to capture them, you must control what you think and do; not by their standards, but by your own. You should become an educated member of society with a rounded perspective in order to analyze a situation correctly, such as a television ad. Having self-control will help anyone to understand what the media is implying, consider their options based on basic need and what they know to be true from their past experiences, and to make the right decisions or great breaks of gusto from the chains of manipulation, like the girl with the sledge hammer in the commercial.

     So for all of you new Mac’ers out there [including me], congratulations on buying in to the desire to acquire need in something completely materialistic and widely advertised. Did we have a choice? Did we overestimate self control? Did we give in to huge corporations to ‘suit our needs’?

     Of course we did…

     …Big Brother told us to.


     (1) Orwell, George. Nineteen Eighty-Four. (1929). Secker and Warburg.



  Lana wrote @

You make a good point by calling attention to ads that promote anti-establishment actions, but which are in fact trying to convince you to do what they want.

Is that an original apple commercial joining us all the way back from 1984?

Keep writing,

  Julie wrote @

Thanks Lana, and I believe that it is in fact from January 24, 1984… Google says so!

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