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Academic Post 11

Jamming Culture into Esso
Written by Julie Metni, November 27, 2008 

 Culture jamming can be a form of social activism, usually against commercialism or the governmental system of that nation. Usually, on a lower scale, teenagers or adolescents who are trying to get out of their parents’ wrath or revolt against the “system” tend to be the babies of culture jamming; the ones who are only beginning. Even doing small things, such as saying no to drugs or smoking can be a form of activism. You are saying, “I don’t want to have charcoal lungs just because it was a popular craze in the forties and now everyone’s just hooked.” 

Culture jamming, in my opinion, is basically turning away from popular culture and becoming who you believe yourself to be. Whether it be a peace-keeper in a time of war, or what have you, it teaches anyone to not take things for face value, and to do your own thing. For example, imagine if everyone boycotted driving cars (in my dreams)? How would the industry suffer…. or how Much? We would definitely save a pocket-full of cash, let me tell you that.



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