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Since I am no longer writing these for my Mass Communication course, I decided to discard the black and white titles of “Academic Post (insert number here)” and to use a word that I learnt the same day instead. I just, for the first time, came upon the word “cantankerous”, thought it must be slang or something, and looked it up to see what Meriam Webster has to say about it. I must say, when typing it out, it just flows off the fingers.

\kan-ˈtaŋ-k(ə-)rəs, kən-\
perhaps irregular from obsolete contack contention
: difficult or irritating to deal with <a cantankerous mule>
— can·tan·ker·ous·ly adverb
— can·tan·ker·ous·ness noun
The way Ian Reilly would listen to the sound clip of the word got me excited. I clicked the link to see if it was feminie or masculine. It’s feminine. And it sounds ridiculous. And I love it.
Do something cantankerous today. Do something cantankerous, but appropriate. Be cantankerous! How ridiculous.

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