OpenUP or Be Silent

Free Yourself


I know. Months. 

When you fail to recite the date three or four times a day, you accumulate scrambled eggs and jargon. Without routine and some sort of form of industrial appropriation, our minds rapidly cease to exist outside of our own body. I haven’t updated this because really, who cares. However, I find the need to continue writing [or documenting] things that I discuss or dream of because it actually is good for the soul. Anyway.

We have to pay for water, for gods sakes.
Well we can go drink out of the lakes.
That’s disgusting.
Exactly… Without money there wouldn’t be any purification system, you’d have dirty water. Look at Lake Ontario. It’s hardly a lake.

 Sure, money money money. Money cleans our water, keeps a roof over our heads, feeds us. WHY do we manufacture paper and metal in certain amounts to the extent that it is essential to our survival as a race? WHY does water need purifying? HOW did we let it come to this? THAT is uncivilized. Not only the fact that we need thin watermarked paper to get the basic necessities entitled to us as a body of living organisms, but the fact that we let it get this bad – that the human condition is so prone to mistakes, we are conquered by our irresponsibility as we continue to fail to bring to conscious light the true reality in which we live. 

That’s my rant for tonight. Ellie is hungry.



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