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Remember me? Barely. I kind of miss this blog. It made me sound somewhat intelligible when I ranted.

Guess what? Tonight we took lil sis Joyce to a Beiber concert. The kid has talent, I’ll give him that. He can sing and play multiple instruments. It’s obviously the pitch of his voice that stimulates the insults and jokes. That’s besides my point tonight.

He gave lessons… The sixteen year old actually attempted to sway young girls, most of which haven’t left elementary school, not to text and drive. Thanks Justy, but by the time they’re old enough to drive cars, you’ll be twenty-something with three girlfriends and possibly in rehab like that Lohan kid. Unless you’re truly a diamond in the ruff, and if so I salute you.

Well done with the lights, though. And neat-o with the floating acoustics.

He also advertised the first five minutes for x-box 360. Kind of cool how he incorporated the lights into the performance, but … really? X-box? Whatever. Maybe I’m too tired to care. Maybe I secretly admire the kid. And maybe I’m hoping they aren’t actually injecting him with estrogen to keep his voice from cracking. But I do know that he’s not the one who decides most of this stage managerial stuff. He may choose to put videos of his raw beginnings of talent development, but for the most part, the minute he allowed himself to sign into a world tour, nothing was in his control any more.

I think I’ve finally lost my point. I definitely still need to shower, I’ll probably do a couple photo assignments before bed, and.. what else was I just thinking of…? Oh, my skull is numb. It may be repercussion from the intensity of 5000 premies pitching high but it may also be the plaque. I guess we’ll find out in the morning! My toes freaked me out last night, and my legs this morning. The toesies were all numb and hurting like when they thought I was dehydrated. They’re fine though. The legs, though, were the tired kind of pain that it’s not even your muscles anymore, cause they’re too tired, but the nerves themselves. I thought sleeping would help but it didn’t really. It subsided into the afternoon so I’m not concerned at the moment.

My track has seemed to rolled off the cliff about two paragraphs ago. Woopsies


Maybe I’ll write more often. Not sure if it will be relevant to anything important or interesting but it may be a therapeutic thing. Who knows.