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Being Real, Knowing Truth, Understanding: Deciphering Lies and Agnosticism
Written by Julie Metni, October 5, 2008

     Controversy builds the development of society. A community of human beings will not grow and mature if issues with negative connotations or values are not presented. It is these controversial issues that a community will take into consideration, argument, and finally [hopefully] resolution in order to become a better rounded civilization. The majority may be inclined to secure themselves with common conventions [it’s just human nature], but the rest of the civilization who are not afraid of changing or of a broader perspective will be at peace.

     Such an example of this is the differences of religious beliefs within a community of people. Conventions are present in every religion. People who are scared shitless of dying lean more towards those religions [if they are choosing their own, not being forced] which allow an afterlife, reincarnation, or an ascension to some better place. This, for me, is much too easy. 

     How on earth can any living being create their own creation? What kind of fairy-tales are we willing to believe, and to what extent? The Son of God was no magician. They say Jesus walked on water… but what if it was the modern ”broken telephone” of their day and age? What if he actually was just the first surfer, or maybe not even the first; maybe he was just a popular guy? He got the publicity he wanted in order to make his point, grabbed a plank of wood from good old papa’s work shed (if you don’t get it, it was recorded that  Joseph was a carpenter), and went for a swim? Who knows.

     My point is, don’t believe everything you hear. And furthermore, to put a point to this post, don’t be suckered into common conventions. If you haven’t guessed already [or read the title], my theory/concept that I would like to discuss within this post if that of agnosticism. 

     As most things do, the word originated from the Greek: “a-“, meaning without, and “gnōsis, meaning knowledge. Ironic? YES. Why? Think about it!

     …Because no matter how hard you think, you will never find an answer. Regardless of the question… Knowledge is infinite.

     I believe, whether whoever is reading this agrees or not, that humans are simply incapable of knowing whether something greater than us exists out there in the wide space. Of course there has to be a way for everything around us to be, for matter to have been created, but who are you to say that it was one certain way or not? Get real, people (ironically).

   Why is this ironic? We have already stated that infinity is ceaseless. So figure it out yourself… It doesn’t hurt to think a little more than you usually would intend to.

     While it is nurturing, comforting, even refreshing to believe something or have faith or a solid ideology in a religion, it is still too much for extremists or people who are consistently over-naive to keep a closed mind to everything else in which they care not. I agree, there are possibilities. But under no circumstance can any creature created from the soil and sun tell me with 100% proof [whether it is based on fact or faith] that there is a god out there, or there is some supreme being that created the universe. What if I told you I was God? You would simply tell me…

     … Get real… (Insert sloppy teenage slang here).

See you soon, non-believers. Thanks for reading.