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Internet Monsters
Written by Julie Metni, October 7, 2008 

     I was pondering writing about the technology of the motorized vehicle… the car. However I feel that that topic is over-exhausted. We all know how terribly polluting cars are, how dangerous, how limiting, and how expensive they really are. So I won’t rant about that.

     Instead, I will over-exhaust today the technological advancement of computers, and the internet more specifically. Think about the amount of time you spend online in a day, week, month or furthermore, year. Can you therefore imagine how much of your life is wasted looking at a screen? Not just the computer screen, but any screen in general? Think about how much radiation is being consumed by your eyes and skin. How sickening.

     That’s why we wear ultra-cool stylish knock-off shades, isn’t it?

     Seriously though, when you think about it (it doesn’t take much thinking, this time), internet rules our sad, dreary lives. 

     For goodness sakes, I am paying someone to stand in front of eighty some students in a lecture room to make redundant statements about how the internet works. It is a mandatory course. I’m not complaining – nor am I insulting the professor. She is a very acknowledged woman who delivers a lecture quite well, makes sure we understand the information, and communicates with students thoroughly to the point where we are clear of any questions we may have had. But the fact that there is a full university course about the internet is really saying something about how technology governs our existence, both on and off the web.

     I think that it is simply degrading to me that we rely so much on technology. It may seem weird, to say the least, depending on your opinion, but I have had dreams of living on a farm somewhere remote, peaceful and quiet, with a child or two and some barn animals, leading a simple life but being at peace. No technology. Maybe a telephone and an oven, but computers, television, even a hair blow-dryer is excess to me.

     Maybe I’m just dreaming…

     … Or is it the mass media giving me ideas?

     Who knows anymore?

Thanks for reading. Go home and think.